QotD: Pizza Preference

How do you eat your pizza:  folded, flat or with a fork and knife?
Submitted by danimass.

Well, flat, and in slices. Fairly regular. Although I do like to eat a Pizza Calzone from time to time.. they're quite tasty.

Also, I definitely recommend putting an egg on top of a pizza next time you have one.. very very nice.

My girlfriend , makes a great home-made pizza which usually involves a more scone like base (I'm not sure if that's the right term) but they are always delicious and extremely flavoursome!

By the way, if you're ever in Ranelagh, Dublin, I can highly recommend trying out Bistro Bianconi – they have some really amazing pizza.

You can read an article about Bistro Bianconi here or visit their website (which needs a little work!)

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  • Ian

    The general consensus in Australia is that if something that traditionally doesn't have an egg on it is cooked with one, then it can be called an Australian variant of whatever it originally was. i.e. Pizza + egg = Australian pizzaBurger + egg = Australian burgerThe same phenomenon can be observed with beetroot, although I haven't seen a beetroot pizza yet (thank god, I mean I like beetroot, but that's just silly). I wonder what the cultural precedent to this was? Australia searching for an identity through fast food? A gimmick taken too far? Sounds like the basis for a thesis to me.

  • That's new to me. For a moment I did think you were suggesting that you were suggesting an egg on beetroot.. there might be something in that, but I don't have any beetroot to check it with.Just out of interest.. is there anything that would be specifically noted as being Australian cuisine? I can't think of too many Irish ones. Perhaps Stew, Boxty, Coddle and Guinness (some people would call that a cuisine in and of itself..)

  • Ian

    Meat pie floater, mate. The quintessential Australian edible delight. It's more popular in SA than the rest of the states, but it's still considered ocker as anything. Look it up on Wikipedia. It looks offputting, but it apparently tastes great (never tried one myself). And yeah, Guinness is pretty much a meal in a glass. You practically have to chew it!