Last FM – the social music revolution

I've just signed up for a account. Man, it really looks like there is a hell of a lot of stuff going on in there.. plenty to get completely lost in.

So far I've managed to set up my basic page at

I've also gone ahead and set up my artist page and I was pleasantly surprised to see that before I even set anything up that I had 104 plays of my tracks "scrobbled" – nice to know that people out there are listening.

Hopefully that gives me some incentive to keep writing tracks!

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  • last is good fun, good to see ya on there. its kind of a cool voyeuristic thing to watch your friends tracks pop up realtimewhen the Al Green hits, you KNOW somebody's gettin' some action!

  • hehe. I hadn't thought of that.. although I do play Barry White occasionally as a purely socially entertaining thing.I have found, since I have only just begun, that I have been playing more of my favourite tracks and thinking a little more about what I am listening to, even just from the point of view of building up an initial image of what I'm into. I suppose that might be defeating the point, but I've actually really enjoyed it, have listened to some favourites that I haven't played in a while. I get the impression that it really is a huge huge site.. there seems to be a hell of a lot going on.I'll try and remember to drop you some recommendations as I go, and feel free to throw stuff back at me.

  • Awesome I just found last just a bit ago, and I'm having good times with it. For some reason it's not pulling my ipod though :-/ Oh well, it's still fun.

  • ah cool. what's your user name on last?I haven't tried to set it up with my mp3 player. I don't know if it supports things that aren't iPods.. I'll have to look into that.

  • It's the same as here. Android9.