Birthday Time Again

Well, it's my birthday today. I've just turned 29. I can remember things that happened over a quarter of a century ago. Which is a mad sensation.

Anyway. To celebrate I don't actually know what we're going to do. Might go out for dinner or something. I have a feeling it will be a fairly muted birthday. Worst of all I have to spend the day working on music for this dance thing next week!

Below is a photo from my birthday last year. I spent it firstly on a bus from Toronto to New York (where my granted wish for snow had actually caused my bus journey to take 14 hours instead of 10) and I wandered around taking it handy and enjoying the snow 🙂

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  • I just saw this post… happy birthday! Did you spend it well?

  • Thanks Jean! Yeah it was a pretty nice and relaxed day. I did have to do some work (which is a shame to have to admit… but oh well). My girlfriend came and spent the weekend here and we spent as much time as possible relaxing by the fire and we went out to a local restaurant for dinner. So, quiet and calming.. just what I needed!