Firefox bug in Vox

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I haven't been very active the last while but somewhere between the 6th of February and yesterday something has gotten messed up in the Vox code that has made Vox unusable in Firefox (version

The compose window is now broken. When I go to compose I can type in a title but if I try to either tab or click into the main text window I cannot get into it. I cannot type anything. So for the time being I am using IE7 without error. I have noticed that I also cannot leave comments using Firefox.

Has anyone else noticed this? I have sent feedback to Vox pointing this out. I know they are busy working on the new Control Strip (which you can turn on in beta – more instructions here), so perhaps something has gone screwey in Firefox in the meantime.

If you've noticed this as well, let us know and more importantly let the Vox people know! I don't like being outside of Firefox too much!

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  • Well, the Vox people got back to me about this bug.The reason is due to the Firefox extension "Ad Block Plus" which for some reason blocks the various elements in Vox. I have a feeling that it didn't always block them, but I'm not sure when I installed AdBlock Plus. The nice thing about the extension is that I can just disable it for all vox domains, meaning that I can go back to using firefox for my Voxing :)It's kind of weird asking Vox to try and get things to work with AdBlock running.. I guess they would much rather have me seeing the adverts they have around the place!Not the end of the world though. I'm going to be posting about the joys of AdBlock Plus, which is my new favourite extension. Definitely makes surfing the web a much more enjoyable experience.

  • Hi. We think we have this fixed. Adblock was blocking some javascript code that was being used in the Compose and Comment forms. Anyway, you should be able to turn Adblock back on and things should work just fine. Remember, though, that Vox is advertising supported. I'm just sayin' 🙂

  • Hi Pants Party,Thanks for getting back to me. I have tested it out again with AdBlock Plus turned on again, but no joy. Something has occurred to me that might be influencing this further.. I have installed the "Filterset G" extension for ABP – perhaps this is further blocking certain javascript that's being used in the Compose and Comment forms.If there is any further or more specific testing I can do for you let me know. I don't mind too much having AdBlock disabled on Vox, I have to say that the adverts are fairly minimal.Cheers,Alex

  • Thanks Alex. I'm going to try to get a hold of someone at Adblock and see what we can do.

  • Hey Alex, what other subscriptions/filters do you use in ABP? Also, can you load the Compose page with it turned on, and then go in and see which filters are actually blocking stuff from Vox? That would help us out a lot! Here are some instructions for doing so.

  • Hey Pants!
    Well, 2 filters are coming up in red. The first one is for the below address <a href=" <a>;width=160″ target=”_blank”> target="_blank"&gt <a href="http://;…"” target=”_blank”>;…" target="_blank"> <a href="” target=”_blank”>;width=160
    and the filter that is causing this to be blocked is:
    The second one address affected is:
    with the filter in question being:
    Regarding subscriptions: I am not using any of the standard ABP subscriptions, just the Filterset G
    My Filterset G version info is:
    Firefox NT 5.1Adblock Filterset.G Updater Plus

    I hope this is of some assitance to you. Any other information I can provide please don't hesitate to ask.
    Cheers. Alex

  • That is a huge help! Thank you!!

  • Cool. Let us know if there is anything else I can check out for you.Maybe I should apply for the Junior Support Administrator position ;)I could get used to be involved in things like this. I quite like troubleshooting.

  • Go for it! I'll put in a good word for you.

  • Hey Pants,I might just do that.. I can't remember the last time I put together a resumé (I've basically been self-employed for the past 6 years), but it sounds interesting and might make a nice change.I'll let you know if I decide to submit for it!

  • Good news!Brandy from Vox got in touch to say that the person who maintains filterset G has updated it to stop the Vox/ABP error. So I can re-instate ABP across the Vox domain.. although I am thinking that maybe I should really leave it off (after all that!)Thanks for all the assistance. Glad we got it worked out.

  • Thanks for this post, my man! Because of you, I am now able to comment again. See? Awesome.And because of all the help VOX gave you, even though it could serve to hurt ad revenue, I am going to whitelist all of VOX and just deal with the ads. It's the least I can do.

  • Hey Kirk!Good to hear it helped someone out! I agree on the whitelisting thing too. Seems so wrong to hide the adverts when it's Vox's only revenue stream – it's not as though they have adverts plastered everywhere.:)

  • Thank you for this post! I can finally use Vox again 🙂

  • Ah brilliant. I'm glad this investigation is still proving helpful!It's all thanks to Pants Party and Brandy for working out what was wrong – and I think the guys in charge of Ad Block plus have updated their filter rules. I think.