Glastonbury ticket attempt

That time of year again. Glastonbury festival tickets are on sale as of 9am GMT this morning.
I should point out that there is no point trying unless you registered on their site over a month ago!

I dragged myself out of a very cosy, warm, Sunday bed just calling out for a lie-in. Without too much surprise I was in bed at 5am, making getting up that little bit more unpleasant.

Now I am sitting in a bit of an untidy heap on the couch, cursing the fact the wireless router signal in my girlfriend's house doesn't reach her bedroom. If it did I could at least be doing this from the comfort of bed.

Anyway, I have my phone on auto-redial, I'm clicking redial on skype as often as possible, and I have their webpage on auto-reload, and in between clicks I'm writing here. I haven't had even the glimmer of hope of a connection, although I can only imagine what their site is being hit with traffic wise right now. 2 friends of mine have gotten tickets, and another 2 are trying. Whoever gets through first, if at all, will buy for 4 of us.

It's so rivetting that I'm finding the spelling of "rivetting" is interesting. (Apparently my Firefox spell check states that 2 "t's" is wrong, but on closer inspection, using only 1 "t" is the Americanised version.)

I wish skype had an auto-redial function.

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  • Keep trying dude! Glastonbury will rock this year! I am away for my brother's wedding this time otherwise I'd be going through the same ritual!

  • Thanks for the positive thoughts! It worked out and we're going to Glasto!Another friend of mine has to go to a wedding instead of Glastonbury this year.. and he hasn't missed one in 5 years or so.. you can't really miss your brother's wedding though. Just highly inconsiderate of him to put it on during Glastonbury time.