The true sad reason for the internet

I've had a project on recently that required some search engine optimisation (SEO) and as a result have subscribed to Wordtracker to help speed up the process of finding out what keywords they should be putting into their content.

It's not exactly the most exciting (or exact) job, and worse still I noticed that Wordtracker offers a count of the top 1000 words, either in the past 3 months, or on a more short term view.

For your viewing (dis)pleasure, I have included the 3 month view here. What is the internet for? Porn.

Here are the top 1000 keywords for Thu 05 April – 16:02:04 pm taken from a total of 343,138,930 searches for the last 90 days.

The count column gives the total number of times a search term has appeared in our database.

These are the keywords and keyphrases that stick around, month to month, year to year. E.g. pokemon, mp3, chat.

11games play133581
12paris hilton119536
13free porn108393
14britney spears108114
18game cheats for ps296486

As a closing note, I found myself instantly disregarding the deluge of people search for porn, and was more fascinated by the fact that people search for "" and "" (later on in the results there are people searching for "").

Does this really mean that 146,000 people in the last 3 months wanted to check out and searched for it instead of just going to it?

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  • I've seen my dad mistakenly type in a url into a search bar on his homepage. I imagine thats where the "" and "" results come from. As for the porn stuff, I'm not surprised. It's the most basic human instinct to be driven by sexual urges, which makes for a huge industry around that.

  • Aye, I've nearly typed url's into the search bar myself on occassion, but those numbers seem so high for mistaken typing. Maybe not though!The porn stuff, well it's been the only consistent earner, as far as an industry goes, on the internet. Apparently. That and gambling of course.Still saddens me though that there isn't something a little more cerebral happening on a wider scale.