Do you like Vox?

Webby Awards ballot site

If so, you better get along to the Webby Awards site and start voting.

Currently Vox are trailing behind Digg (40%) and Facebook (32%). Vox is only on 10% of the vote.

Looks like it could do with some dedicated assistance from everyone else on Vox.

Vote for Vox by following this link. After you register or log in, click on Website, Connections, and then Social Networking. The deadline to vote is April 27th!

Registration is quick and painless, and then you can cast your vote and not think about it again.

So take a second to follow the link and give Vox a good boost up!

(I know Vox have mailed out about this, but I thought I'd fill you in on the state of play in the votes. There's some tough competition there.)

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  • Thanks for the link–I just voted. I wonder if there is any prize…or is the prize winning itself?

  • Not sure if there are any prizes going, probably a free night-out at some awards ceremony ;)Now get out there and spread the word and get all your neighbours to vote!

  • I have to confess. I voted for Facebook. :(But that's largely because Vox was in the wrong category. I view Vox as a superior blogging platform. Nothing else comes close for me. But Facebook is the State of the Art in social media. They've done just about everything right. As I've said before, I view Vox and social networks such as Virb and Facebook as complementary services. They're not competitors.