Hotel Ballymun

I recently played a gig at Hotel Ballymun. It was a fairly laid back affair, with a small audience and a variety of art work and installations located around the Hotel. So what is it? From their site:

Guests at Hotel Ballymun will be able to appreciate the spectacular views over Dublin, just weeks before these views cease to exist. Clarke Tower is due for demolition in Spring 2007.

In addition to the nine individually designed, single and double bedrooms there will be a garden room, a tv lounge, communal kitchens, reception area, breakfast and seating area, as well as an intimate conference and events centre.

The rooms will be furnished with one-off pieces, customised and remodelled from existing furniture, which have been designed and made by people from the Ballymun area, during a two month series of workshops with Irish design duo Sticks and recent RCA graduate Jonathan Legge.

To the right are some photos to have a look at, which will probably do a better job of demonstrating the place than I could. Unfortunately my camera ran out of charge so I couldn't get any photos during the day. Also I suggest having a look at their website.

There are more photos from some friends that you can see at the below links:

Alan Quigley's Flickr Set

Dermot Finn's photos: Album 1 Album 2

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  • Thanks for posting your music! I love what I've been able to sample of the Dublin music scene, so diverse and vibrant. I really have to get over there someday soon, although I am told Dublin is one pretty pricey place to take holiday. I actually met someone from Dublin via my radio website several years ago, a guy named Phil Gary, who had a band that played around Dublin called Spacebaby (rock) and my girlfriend and I took a fancy to them and roped them into coming to NYC and playing a bunch of gigs we set up for them in some of the more notable (Greenwich) Village clubs and having some A&R reps look at them. Unfortunately nothing came of it longterm, but a great time was had by all and it was a truly memorable experience for all involved and we were exposed to some great music first hand coming out of Ireland these days.