Arnold in Brazil

I don't think this needs a lot of introduction.

It's completely weird and I can't really understand who thought this would make a good video, or what it's really meant to be promoting.

Why does this exist? Purely for our amusement? Perhaps some editor somewhere was having an absolute laugh when they cut this one.

My two favourite moments are when he mishears someone saying "health" and says "power" (telling us what was always on his mind), and, well the moment with the carrot, which is just unreal.

Should this man be governor of California?

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  • Ha ha ha! There are some things you should never know about politicians. I am glad Tony Blair never felt the need to declare whether he was a breast or ass man.

  • I'm sure there is a chance that at some time in his youth Tony might have mentioned to some mate that he had a preference for breasts or ass, but he had the foresight to make sure that he didn't say it on a documentary.Then again I believe Arnie has always been pretty open about his love of women, and power.

  • …*jaw on floor* What the hell was that? And how do I erase this viewing experience from my brain now?

  • Yeah, I really should have put a warning in that one. It is a painful viewing experience.However it does serve as good example as to why perhaps he's not the best man for the post of Governor?

  • Oh, you'll get no arguments from me on that one. Californians are all a little strange though; it doesn't surprise me at all he could get elected there.