Al Gore catches my envy

In a purely geek sense, I just came across a photo of Al Gore in his office – check out his sweet multi-monitor setup.

This puts my 2 x 19" LCD's to shame 🙂

I'd definitely be able to fit in a few more Virtual Instruments when I'm working in Cubase.

Photo from: Life Magazine

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  • It appears you are covering the perversions of the political classes! First, Arnie and his love of Brazil and now Gore and his multiply screens, piles of paper fetish and exotic wall-frogs.

  • Man, look at all those dead trees.

  • Maybe that's something I should do more often. Keep an eye out for "Perversions of the Political Classes", in fact that would be a good blog name. I'm not all that up-to-date on my political classes though.. which could be a problem.

  • I hadn't even noticed that… was focused on the screens. I had noticed that it was a bit messy, but not his blatant hypocrisy.Amusingly, doing a search for "al gore" in google resulted in the following Sponsored Link:Reduce Carbon with TreesWe plant Millions of trees eachyear, help us cool the planet