Making a balls of a live demonstration

Well this is a year old, but it certainly gave me some cause for amusement.

Computers seem to love causing havoc when you're trying to show off your cool new thing.

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  • I haven't seen this clip before! Very funny! I love the fact that killer appeared out of nowhere!!

  • Yeah. It's kind of weird how that happened. I bet someone got their ass kicked over that.

  • Yeah, I sincerely wouldn't want to be him after the show! Although I am sure it isn't the first time Vista hasn't worked properly. They should be used to it. I know Vu at weheartmusic has just switched back to Windows XP.

  • Switched back to XP. Wow, that's a pretty damning indictment there. I have figured that I will update eventually. However it won't be until I buy a new computer that's a little fancier than my current model. Also, everything works fine at the moment. Sometimes I feel a slightly faster processor would help, or a little more RAM, but other than that I'm doing ok.XP works well now. It's solid and I don't have to worry about BSOD's or, well anything crashing. Very stable. I did a test install of Vista RC1 on a new computer a while back (before installing XP) just to see what it's like. I had a BSOD in the first day. I can see a number of improvements in some of the basic functionality, but I haven't yet seen something that makes me feel that it's a priority to update.Apparently they won't be releasing service packs though – which is what I waited for with XP. Everything will be done incrementally with no bundled packs. This seems a little surprising to me.