Rathlin Island "Jigs and Rigs" festival 2007

Can't wait for this now. For many years we've been going to the Jigs and Rigs festival on Rathlin Island. This year promises to be brilliant, with us bringing up all sorts of stuff to make lots of loud noises and tasty food. For more information keep an eye on the Force 10 website, and the Audio Terrorists website.

I've put up a video of the last festival which ran in 2004 (they took a wee break).

Here it is:

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  • Hi Alex
    I have been looking to go to this but always miss the ticket allocation !
    I have put my name forward for a volunteer but is there anything else I could do?
    Much appreciated

  • Hi Tommy,I'm not sure what to suggest. Send an email to the force10 guys explaining that you signed up as a volunteer but missed the ticket allocation. I'm sure they'll be amenable.Hope that works…