Sex – yes it still matters

I saw this advert through Stumble recently, and was impressed by the way in which they put the whole thing together.

Watch the advert first, then read on below. I don't want to affect the first watching of this advert.

Agency: Ogilvy
Client: MTV
Creative: Edson Athayde & Paul Smith
Redactor: Edson Athayde & Sérgio Costa
Producer: Neil Harris
Director: Neil Harris
Production Company: Stink

Read on below:

I find that advertising campaigns about safe sex and the dangers of HIV/AIDS and other STD's seem to ebb and flow. At the moment I have the impression that there isn't too much talk about it, but then again I'm not very media aware (at least in the traditional sense), and I don't have a television 😉

This advert plays on our emotions very well. You are presented with 3 separate situations, and in each one there is clearly strong, good and loving emotions being portrayed by all characters at all times. The shooting provokes a sense of shock, heightened by the fact that the loving demeanour is maintained continually, even as the trigger is pulled. I find it hard to believe that people wouldn't be affected by this.

Of course I may be wrong about this, but it certainly grabbed my attention and made me think about it as well as send the link on to a few group mailing lists that I share with friends.

Finally, another thing this highlighted for me is that I get the sense that there is no coherent message like this being spread in new media forms. Yes there can be billboards and tv adverts reminding people of this, but I never get the sense that anyone is specifically targeting the internet. Perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps Ad Block Plus is doing a better job than I could have imagined.

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  • WOW. Yes, I agree. Attention grabbing, shocking, and leaves you with some serious emotion long afterward. I don't watch a lot of telly. Okay, I never watch it. The shows I watch have been purchased as a DVD set after the fact, so I don't view adverts. I find this amazing. How can it NOT get a strong message across? And why isn't there more word still being spread out there? Because I rarely see anything at all anymore. But again, I'm never on the telly. Thanks for sharing this.

  • A few people have told me that they thought it was a bit chauvinistic. I said that I think I was more affected by the notion of being happy and condemning
    someone to death. I didn't feel that it was really only a message for
    women – despite what it said at the end.I don't think it was really necessary to have the end message aim the advert at women only, but definitely still a strong message.Glad to hear there's another no-TV person out there! Not buying a TV when I moved out of home 7 years ago was definitely an excellent idea.