Word Press 2.5 not ready yet

Whilst it feels a little strange blogging about Word Press on one of Six Apart's blogging tools (especially given Anil Dash's reasonably nasty competitive post about Word Press), I don't feel disinclined to mention it.

I love Word Press. I've been using it heavily for all manner of projects over the past few years for all manner of clients of ours over at Pixelapes Web Design. It's been an excellent learning experience and I've found out how to bend Word Press to all sorts of applications.

Apparently Word Press 2.5 was due out yesterday, with a large amount of the update being focussed on a complete redesign of the admin area. Unfortunately the tentative date hasn't come through so I'm left waiting a little longer. I'm hopeful it will be soon as I'm really quite excited about this update and think it will make a big difference to my usage of Word Press.

Roll on Word Press!  

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  • Hi Alex, sorry you didn't like my post — I'm curious, what part of what I wrote did you think was nasty? How would you compare it to something like Apple? In my mind, we didn't make any joking shots at WordPress, we stayed strictly factual about the things that we think Movable Type does better. Isn't competition a good thing? I would love any feedback you have on how to make the same points without them seeming nasty to you. And thanks for being on Vox! 🙂

  • Hi Anil,Perhaps I was a little hasty this morning when I wrote that, and to be honest, nasty was completely the wrong word to use. It's actually quite unlike me to say things like that so I hope I can put it down to blurry, just woke up, lack of sleep induced haze.I'm glad you commented and called me up on it too :)I've done an old strikeout up above and used the word "competitive" instead!Funny thing is that I have nothing against Six Apart at all. I've been a reasonably heavy user of Vox over the past 2 years or so, and was even looking for a part-time remote support position with Six Apart for the Vox platform after some discussion with Steve (pop, Papi Chulo) a while back.I guess I've just been so involved in Word Press the last while that I saw a little red at the suggestion that I should think about moving! I hope you can understand that it happens to the best of us.Competition is an excellent thing, and it benefits everyone. So keep up the good work, and I'll probably be testing out MT as I've often planned to just so I know what else is out there. I'm a sucker for testing out everything I can get my hands on to see what makes it tick.Again, cheers for the quick comment bringing me back to earth.

  • Actually, Anil, having re-read your post again, I think there is one thing that was the thing that got my goat a little – it's just the title and the first sentence.A WordPress 2.5 Upgrade GuideAs you might know, WordPress 2.5 is about to be released, and we wanted to encourage WordPress users to upgrade. To Movable Type.It's nothing big and there's no real reason to find fault with it, it's just the combination of the title and the first sentence.I'm a big fan of well structured writing, and I've always felt that headings should be guides and markers in an article. This heading is, in reality, misleading, and gives the first impression that the article is going to be about upgrading Word Press.I think that's the only issue I would have with it. I hope that makes sense. As to me suggesting an alternative title, I'll refer back to my bleariness for a stunning lack of creativity this morning 😉

  • I'll absolutely concede that the way the title and opening interplay is a little… well, dramatic. 🙂 But honestly, the intent was to just kind of riff on the way that conversations in the blogosphere can be driven by the link text as much as by content. I certainly don't make a habit of most of my titles being that cheeky, but can understand if those that are hit some folks the wrong way. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Heh. No worries Anil. I'm glad I remembered that there was something which struck me as amiss or I would have felt like a complete idiot. Again, not like me to rashly shout about things like that.I guess maybe it was that title that irked Matt too ;)Still, all press is good press or something!

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