WordPress Super Cache

In the hope that I’ll be the 800th pingback on Donncha’s fantastic WordPress plugin WP-Super Cache I figured I’d make mention of it here 🙂

Super Cache adds super fast caching ability to WordPress and helps speed up your page load times and reduce your server load. If you’re not using it you should be!


  • Trent got there just before you!

    I haven't seen a ping from you though. Might be related to your dns problems because I validate trackbacks and my server mightn't have found your hostname. Those pings/trackbacks get dumped automatically.

    • Hopefully I'll hear back from Warren tomorrow at some point and we'll work out what the hell is going on. Again, many thanks for sending on your DNS info. What's even weirder is that sometimes I can load the site, but my business partner can't – and he's at the same IP using the same DNS on the same net connection over the same router. However I can always load it. Ghost in the machine?