A Website Quandary

I’ve been thinking over the last while that I might need to somewhat alter the way I have things set up here. Over the past number of years I’ve been getting more and more involved in composition and sound design for film and recently had to update my CV for a potential sound-design job. As I was adding the more recent film work I noticed that I’ve now worked on 11 films since around 2004, varying from sound design, to sound editing, to composition, to all of the above. On top of this I’ve done a number of mixing and mastering jobs on music releases as well as a variety of theatre productions and one exhibition.

It has been occurring to me that it might actually be time to set up a dedicated portfolio detailing this work and really there is no better place for this than this domain, alex.leonard.ie.

I have no fear of this blog coming across badly in the eyes of a prospective director/producer but at the same time it feels as though I should (once again) attempt to separate work from play. Initially I started a blog over on Vox just because it seemed like something I should be doing.

After running the Pixelapes blog for a while it felt quite nice to be able to speak a little more frankly on my personal blog without feeling that I would give the wrong impression of our business (utterly professional it is too, if I may say so). Often the lines blur between what is more suitable for which website, and a number of the blog posts I’ve written here could very easily have been slightly adapted and published over on Pixelapes.

Now I’m faced with a different question, the answer to which could leave me with a veritable dirth of websites. There are a few approaches I could take.

  1. Continue my personal blog here, but alter the site to be more focussed on my film portfolio and maintain the blog as it’s own small section.
  2. Move this blog wholesale to another domain name and set up a simple portfolio site on this domain.
  3. Move this blog as above, but start a new portfolio site along with yet another blog, but one which is wholesale concentrated on matters relating to the film industry in Ireland and beyond, with some intention of actually assisting my search engine results.

Option 1 is certainly appealing from the point of view that I would only need to maintain one WordPress install and could update both portfolio in blog from the one place. However there are certain drawbacks to this option. Firstly I think I’d desire to do a complete redesign, on top of which there’d be some major restructuring of how this site is laid out. Also, I would probably still feel that I would be a somwhat restricted in what I could say on the blog section as I would need to keep in mind that potential employers might be looking over the site. You know, nothing beats a good rant every once in a while, but it might not convey exactly the impression I’d desire to give.

Option 2 is quite doable. I already know what domain I’d be buying and it’s relatively straightforward to wholesale move this site to another domain (just a few find and replace operations on the database and some quick file moving). However this also results in another new design being created just for my portfolio (although could be nice to play around with some PHP coding, unless I install WordPress – which I probably would do).

Option 3 means that I’d be committing to attempting to maintain content creation on yet another blog/site and would bring the number up to 4 websites actively in need of maintenance: pixelapes.com. ebauche.net, alex.leonard.ie, and mysterynewdomain.com

Whilst anything that increased my potential exposure as a composer and sound designer would be good, I’m not sure that I could really afford to look at a film portfolio as anything other than a handy reference guide for potential employers which might allow them to get a better idea of the work I’ve done – basically an online CV.

Slowing the decision

I would think that the main thing that is slowing me down from making a decision is the fact that I barely have time to do anything extra at the moment and right now it doesn’t feel like the highest priority thing. However it would be very easy to continue saying this until another producer contacts me asking to look over my CV. At which point I would be most likely to start ‘considering’ the transition again desipite the fact that it would once again be too late for such a transition to make any sort of difference to the decision making process undertaken by the producer/director.

Anyway, it being after 1am I think I’m going to call it a night. I think I mostly just wanted to get these thoughts all down somewhere so I could come back to them again and work out what I really wanted. If you have any thoughts on what I should do, just drop a comment down below !


  • alex.leonard.ie is a great url, and I would use it as your main professional address. You could then have your blog at alex.leonard.ie/blog or something similar, as nothing you say on your blog (I think) would detract from your professional work. You could then set up alex.leonard.ie/ebauche which would redirect to ebauche.net (or vise versa), etc, etc.

    At the moment I have my blog at bomingback.org, but have a holding site up at boomingback.com. Eventually when I get around to migrating to wordpress I plan to use the .com as a professional site, and keep my personal stuff to .org, though may have .com/blog redirect to .org.

    • Thanks for the thoughts Unkie Dave. The /blog idea is definitely on my mind, I would just have to work out how I would lay it all out. I guess the reason two completely separate blogs holds some appeal is that I could easily have two very different styles going on and alex.leonard.ie would use something similar to http://webrevolutionary.com/sharpfolio/.

      I guess there's just a lot of options available. Two WP installs might be slightly more work in the long run (from an admin point-of-view), but could actually end up being faster to set up in the short term. Keeping everything on one WP install has the advantage that I don't need to worry about moving RSS feeds around the place. One WP install would definitely require some detailed customisations (well, just because I'd be wanting to do something pretty unique and nice looking).


      Glad to hear you're considering migrating to WP. At least importing posts from blogger is straightfoward. If you want assistance with that we should get together and spend a weekend nerding it up. I also had some ideas I wanted to run past your monetisation brain 😉

  • Oh, and sort it out and get a gravatar! http://www.gravatar.com

  • shirley weir

    I would go with option 2. This address is far more suitable for your professional work as when googled it is fairly high up in the searches. (Excuse my ignorance when it comes to interweb speak)

    Also you may want to have a rant/bit of tomfoolery, not the best thing for a potential employer to come across first(i.e naked biffo and so on)

    The third option seems like whole load of work and too many balls to have in the air etc.

    • Thanks for the thoughts there Shirley, all feedback is much appreciated 🙂

      I think I'm in agreement about option three being a bit too much. Not entirely sure when I'll find the time to do any of this, but good to get my head in order as to what direction I'd like to head.

  • steve

    gravatar eh. hmm.

  • Ah you'd love it Steve. An avatar that works across thousands of websites so you can take your picture everywhere you go.

    Right up your street!

  • steve


    but yeah. your blog is called "eidetic opacity". but it's at alex.leanard.ie. so eh.. why not have eideticopacity.tld for this? if you think it's a good title…

  • steve

    just to clarify.. because yes, alex.leonard.ie is a good place for a professional profile.

  • Aye, well you guessed the mysterydomain.tld that I'd be going for. I better buy it quick!

    Originally that name was chosen for the purpose of having a photoblog but then my plan to have a photoblog turned into a general purpose blog.

    I have too many websites.