Windows 7 Torrenting Party

In a nerdy way, humour is alive and well and it’s a very good thing to see the piss being well and truly ripped out of Microsoft’s “Launch Party” video, which, must truly be one of the all time worst moments in video.

I’ve included the Microsoft video below the piss-take, but if you do watch it, well, don’t watch the whole thing, it really is painful watching, and it doesn’t get better as it goes along.

Windows 7 Torrenting Party

The video originally appeared on Funny or Die.

Microsoft’s Original Launch Party video


  • Been thinking recently – it's so notoriously bad that it's inadvertently been the best campaign they've ever had.

  • Well they do say that all press is good press, and certainly I think an awful lot more people have seen this advert due to the fact that's it's so incredibly awful than would have seen it if it was mediocre.

    I was thinking something similar not too long ago with regards to the Apple 'I'm a PC, I'm a Mac' adverts. I really despise them, but still find myself watching them just to see how irritating they are. The very nature of advertising is that it gets into your head subtly – which disturbs me.

    Did I watch the entirety of the Windows Launch Party advert – yes, even though it was incredibly awful. It's the old human nature thing of fascination with watching a train wreck, but somewhere, down in the sub-conscious, we're processing all that information.

    Of course I've now just added to the potentially inadvertent success of this Windows advertising campaign by exposing yet more people to the awfulness that is this video.


  • Although hopefully I've countered that inadvertent commercialism by exposing other people to the concept that you can torrent stuff for free 😉

  • steve

    i'd never heard of it till now.

    i don't understand at all. not one bit.


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