Something awful and yet strangely enjoyable

In a slight follow-up to my recent post about the Windows 7 Launch Party video, below is another awful awful Microsoft advert for “Songsmith” – again, I don’t recommend watching all of it.

Microsoft Songsmith

YouTube Preview Image

By the way, the ‘strangely enjoyable’ part of my title refers to the second video below. Steve sent me this link and, in some weird way, I find it strangely compelling. Maybe it’s just the contrast, or maybe it’s because it’s stupidly late and I’m completely trashed.

Songsmith does Nirvana

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks Steve, this has somehow made my night. I think you’re right – I should get Songsmith and this whole film composition malarky will become much easier.


  • Spewey Walshe

    Jesus, just jesus! Fucking hell, how can anyone think that was a good idea, fuck me. I think I'm going to have to gouge out my brain with an ice pick to make the pain stop.

    The Nirvana video reminded me of this though

  • Heh. Sorry dude.

    Amusingly Spectac just posted this Songsmith interpretation of Rick Astley: