Driving in India

Since arriving in India my days have been extremely busy to say the least. My typical day has been:

  • Wake Up
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Go to sound studio and work until late evening
  • Return to hotel
  • Eat dinner
  • Work in hotel room on prepping next days work
  • Sleep

That’s pretty much been it. I’m looking forward to being finished and finally getting a chance to look around a bit – fingers crossed I might post a little more often on here as well.

I have to head off to the sound studio to sort out the deliverables for this film, but I thought I’d share a video which demonstrates fairly accurately what Indian driving is like. I first saw this video a few years ago and it seemed insane to me at the time. Now that I’ve been here for a couple of weeks it seems quite normal…


  • Dear Alex – thanks for your e.mail and the fantastic pics – Bravo!

    This is not only my first 'posting' on a blog, but the first time I have 'seen' one. I like the idea (maybe you will show me how to set up my site when you get back) provided we dont spend longer on the PC and less with our friends and family.

    You are very fortunate (and commendable) to be travelling to these fast disappearing exotic places – but be safe.

    Lots of love,


  • Hi Alkis!

    Congrats on posting your first comment on the blog 🙂

    Just so you know, all first time commenters here are moderated to reduce any inappropriate spam comments getting through.

    I'd be delighted to show you to how to set up a blog, it really is very easy and can be a nice way to keep a sort of modern diary which you share with friends.

    I'm absolutely delighted to be over here, and yes, definitely very fortunate. I hope to get the chance to see a good bit of the country whilst I'm here and also hope to travel around to neighbouring countries (it would be criminal of me not to take the opportunity).

    Looking forward to seeing you in Athens or Andros again soon.