The post content is in my head

I feel a bit like this

I’ve got a few blog posts lined up in my head, but I know they’re long ones and each one will take at least an hour to write (if I do them properly, which is something to which I aspire with most posts).

Unfortunately things are such that right now I don’t have the time to allow for even an hour to write a blog post. The overdue and it’s-taken-much-longer-than-it-should-have short film on which I’m working now has a final mix down date set for the 3rd of June. I’m not delighted about the fact that I’m not mixing it, but at this stage of proceedings I’ve happily resigned to the fact. Another large project is due on the 7th June, and then there’s a bunch of other small things in the works.

So, everything is on hold: playing with my fancy new camera; going out; watching movies (I can justify watching a couple of 30 minute shows every once in a while); doing nothing.

If you hear from me on here over the next two weeks, you should probably point out that I should really be working.

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  • I find just getting a rough start and having it in your drafts is a good start. And then you can keep adding to it here and there even when busy. My last blog post took about 5 visits to finish.

    • Thanks for the tip John, I think I'll take you up on that (or fear that I'll just completely forget to write what I wanted to write). "Save Draft" here I come!

    • I now have 3 draft posts with basic first paragraphs written and bullet points to remind me about where I want to go with the post eventually. I think I may take this approach a lot more often instead of relying upon my brain to somehow remember an idea for a blog post I had two weeks ago

      Thanks again for the tip 🙂