Beardy Weirdy

I haven’t been this hairy/beardy in a long time, so I thought I’d capture it for posterity and share/disgust with the general population, digitally.

Beardy Weirdy

The best thing about having a beard this long in Cambodia is that all the local Khmers out here think it’s amazing. Back home people would likely turn away in disgust, but here people keep asking if they can touch it.

That’s right, touch my beard. You know you want to. You love it.

Yeah baby.


  • people ask if they can touch my puppy all the time

  • Hehe. I bet they do.

  • steve

    i'm also the hairiest i have been for many many years

  • Photo! Photo!

  • Haha classic! The original Beardo – light years ahead of this guy

    • Our aim is to please and entertain (and potentially cause revulsion).

      There was a recent suggestion that I have a similarity to Tom Hanks in Cast Away. I'm not sure that I'm too close to that yet.

  • steve

    i'm kinda more hair hariy than beard hairy. haven't shaved the undercut out at all in over a year.. .which leads to lots of people saying "oh you cut your hair".. which i didn't…

    my new camera decided to die the other day so i'm unphotoable at the minute.

    tell me what camera to buy. i need cheap, small, robust, don't give a shit about what it can do as long as it can take photos and doesn't break / fuck itself up for at least 2 years…