Beards and touching – the results of an important Cambodian study

When you see a bearded person, how likely are you to feel an urge to touch that beard? At first you might think “what is this guy talking about, I don’t want to touch someone’s beard”. However, I beg to differ.

Over the past 9 months of growing a beard I’ve had a unique opportunity to study the reactions of Cambodian and expatriate ‘Westerners’ when they are confronted with someone undergoing a serious beard growing phase.

I’d like to present this extremely accurate graph which plots the findings of my scientific study.


  • Caro

    Just for the record, I have never wanted to touch your beard Alex.

  • Caro

    no offence like!

  • Hehe, definitely no offense taken. I was amazed that people wanted to touch my beard.

    Possibly the only reason you never wanted to touch my beard is because it was never quite long and luscious enough 😉