Photo Walk, Phnom Penh – May 2011

We had nine people along for the last photo walk and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Still learning my way around my camera and have a long way to go on getting my composition and many other factors right, but hopefully there’ll be steady and noticeable improvement.

I’ve also just started playing around with black and white in post-processing (more things to learn).


  • Great photos! Its like having a little trip over there!

    • Hey Caro,

      Glad you liked them! That's exactly the sort of reason I started doing these photo walks – a reason to get out and capture a small sense of life over here for all the folks back home 🙂

      Hope you're well,

  • That was fast!

    Yes, I've been enjoying several friends posting lots of pics of far-off places recently. Vicariously travelling through everyone else's adventures!

    All well, if cold and rainy here!

    Hope you good too!