Gmail adds new people widget, doesn’t screw over Rapportive.


As you can see in the comments from Rahul, Gmail kept the Rapportive team up to date with the planned changes and normal Rapportive service is resumed by simply reloading Gmail!

I’ve been using Rapportive for a while as not only does it kill the right column adverts in Gmail, but it also shows some pretty useful information.

Just signed into Gmail after lunch here and spotted this:

So it appears that Rapportive have had their features killed by a Gmail update (which does make the default right column behaviour much more useful).

A good update, but I wonder what it means for Rapportive.


  • Hey Alex, if you reload your Gmail tab everything should be back to normal! In fact, we've even integrated the People Widget into Rapportive for you:… 🙂

    Rahul, CEO of Rapportive

    • Hey Rahul,

      Thanks for dropping by to keep me informed. I've refreshed and see the old familiar Rapportive back again 🙂

      Out of interest, did the Gmail team communicate with you on the upcoming change or was it just dropped on you? I'm hoping it's the former.


  • Yes, we had a little bit of warning — we're actually very friendly with Google 🙂

    • That's very good to hear. It always stuns me when you hear about certain companies completely changing APIs or similar and leaving a load of third-party developers out in the cold. I should update this post really as it sounds a bit negative… ahem.

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