Government of Northern Ireland – In a bird nest

Now that I’m back on the island of Ireland, I have to get a few things sorted out. Being that I’m living in the UK (Ballycastle, Northern Ireland), I need to see about getting a UK drivers license on the back of my Irish drivers license.

To do this I need to drop into the DVLA office, the nearest of which is in Coleraine. So I went searching for the following address on Google Maps:

County Hall
Castlerock Road
BT51 3TA

Check what I found:

See it with your own eyes here:


  • ian

    nice. if they give you and grief issuing your licence send around the cat. that should sort things out :-p

    • I think I will have to send the cat around. Can't get the license without a proof of address. Can't get a bank account without proof of address. Wasted trip to Coleraine..

      I'm going to get my credit card company to send me a paper statement – that better be acceptable.

      • And I don't need proof of address to change my credit card address. It's a stupid system.