Google Drive launched; Dropbox hurting?

So the (very) long awaited Google Drive has been launched and a few interesting things have come out of it.

Dropbox pricing hugely undercut

Well Google have flexed their muscles here and have hammered Dropbox on cloud storage pricing. Please note I’m rounding up from the stupid 99c pricing..

Storage Dropbox Price Google Drive Price
25GB $2.50 per month
50GB $10 per month
100GB $20 per month $5 per month
200GB $10 per month
400GB $20 per month

So, as you can see Google Drive is undercutting Dropbox by 1/4 of the price.

Google Drive pricing has gone up

Whilst their pricing is much cheaper than Dropbox, it’s actually quite a big raise in price. I’m currently grandfathered on a plan that gave me 80GB for $20 a year. The nearest plan to that now is 100GB for $5 a month, so that’s $60 a year.

Now I feel stupid for not having predicted this and upgraded my storage plan before the announcement.. just check the comparison:

I’d have quite happily paid $100 a year for 400GB! Now I’m not so sure – it’d cost me $240 a year instead.

Anyway, more to come on this announcement soon – including how to create symbolic links to work within the Google Drive fixed folder structure.

Below is the announcement video for your viewing pleasure, and you can read more on the Official Google Blog.



  • Howard

    Symbolic links not working with Google Drive ๐Ÿ™

    • What OS are you on? I’ve created a test symbolic link on Win 7 here and it’s working a treat. Note that I’ve actually transferred the files into Google drive and then symbolic linked backwards. So my original folder structure ‘appears’ to be the same, although the files have actually been moved.

      • Howard

        Hey Alex … I am on MacOSX Leopard and I just checked your reverse solution and it works great. ย That kind of solves my wish to leave the files where I have them organised…

        Cool ๐Ÿ™‚ ย I don’t know if that has any negative implications for me … in places like Time Machine etc …. but it looks like a solution.

        • Hey Howard,

          Deadly, glad to hear that worked out. I don’t know whether it will cause any issues with time machine, but I guess if Time Machine is also scanning the Google Drive folder then everything will definitely be covered. You’d have to test it if you’re not scanning the GDrive folder.ย 

          I’m on a RAID1 array on my main storage drive so I’m not too worried there. I use a file sync application for syncing my laptop and desktop and that treats the symbolic link as a normal folder filled with files.

          I have to make a decision on exactly what I’m going to use GDrive for. I’m grandfathered into their 80GB plan (if only I’d thought to upgrade storage before the launch!). Have to think about it a bit.

          Glad I was able to help in some way ๐Ÿ™‚