Bank of Ireland – Business On-Line

I’ve been a business customer of Bank of Ireland ever since myself and Donn set up PixelApes – so that’s about 7 years now. We’ve been using their horrendous “Business On-Line” feature ever since then and it’s continued to present the same poor experience from then up to the present day.

We pay €15 a month, or €180 a year, to use this antiquated system which is convoluted, not user friendly, and only works correctly in Internet Explorer. They’ve been assuring us that a new system will be “rolling out soon” on and off for the past 4 years.

We’re currently investigating other options that might yield slightly lower yearly charges and a better system to boot.


The hilarious thing is that all of their literature, demos and tutorials never dare to show this antiquated system, they’re clearly too ashamed to actually show customers in advance the UI horror they’re going to deal with. Instead they stick with meaningless PR shots of happy trendy young customers on their computer smiling. Clearly the man pictured in the brochure to the right is actually watching a cute cat video on YouTube, because if he was using Bank of Ireland’s “Business On-Line” system he’d be much more likely to be in tears (or at a minimum, his visage would be beset with a furrowed brow and an ever-darkening grimace).


  • Spewey Walshe

    The best part is that the laptop he is using in that photograph looks suspiciously like a Mac, so he won’t actually be able to use the Bank of Ireland system.

  • Bruce

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. This ludicrous, cumbersome, thoroughly user-unfriendly and totally incompetent system has taken years off my life – even the simplest things become nightmarishly inefficient and have wasted so much of my time and energies that I have reached the point where I will now be exploring any alternative to boi business online.

    • And another six months have passed since I wrote this post and still nothing has changed with their horrendous system!

      We did investigate moving to Ulster Bank but then they brought in charges or something, or they had that computer crash which froze everyone’s accounts for weeks so we decided against it.. can’t remember which!

      Good luck on your hunt to find a better system and if you do find something you’re happy with please do come back here and drop a comment with your findings – it would be greatly appreciated!

      • Stas Maksimov

        Hear hear. I’ve been primarily using Linux before and now I am on Mac and I was hoping so maybe they support Mac? No such luck.

        I’ve been their business customer for less than a year, but seven years of this? Have you looked at AIB? I didn’t research this myself, but from the retail experience they seem to be always a few steps ahead of BOI where it comes to technical aspects of their business.

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