Silverlight DRM error on LoveFilm or Netflix

If you use either Netflix or LoveFilm Instant you might have encountered an error that is preventing you from watching TV shows or movies online.

The Error: Netflix

Netflix are much more instructive with their error messages and actually give an error code as well.

In my case the error code was N8156-6003 which states the following:

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Error

We’re sorry, but there is a problem playing protected (DRM) content on your system.

To resolve this problem:

  1. Close your browser.
  2. Then reopen the browser and try playing again.

If the problem persists, call Netflix on 0800 0966380

Error code: N8156-6003

The Error: LoveFilm

LoveFilm are not nearly as informative as to what has gone wrong (as you can see in the screen capture to the right).

What happens with LoveFilm is when you click on play, Silverlight thinks for a while, and then pops up the following error message:

Title unavailable

Sorry, but the requested title is unavailable. Please try again later.

Someone in LoveFilm should realise that this makes them look bad when the customer might be better off being told that Silverlight has DRM ‘issues’.

Guys, be more informative with your error messages! At first I thought LoveFilm was having an issue or down for maintenance.

The Solution!

It sounds silly but simply launching your browser as an administrator can fix the issue (at least in Windows 7 or, I’m guessing, Windows Vista).

  1. Usually you launch your web browser by left-clicking or the web browser icon. Instead, right-click the browser icon and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu options.
  2. Now go to NetFlix or LoveFilm and login, and hey presto, it’s working again! I’m not entirely sure why but it must have something to do with the mspr.hds file not being properly set when the browser initiates it from a normal user level.
  3. You can now close the admin level browser and watch the Netflix/LoveFilm in the normal manner.

The above worked straight off for me, no issues! If it doesn’t work for you, you can try other suggestions from Netflix and LoveFilm which I summarise below.

Other possible fixes

Both Netflix and LoveFilm suggest a few solutions.

  1. Restart browser
  2. Try another browser
    Try out Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer – any browser you’re not currently using.
  3. Silverlight Version check
    Ensure latest version of Silverlight is installed. If you have the latest version, try reinstalling it.
  4. Rename or delete mspr.hds
    Find the file mspr.hds (on Win7 it should be located at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\PlayReady\mspr.hds) and either rename it or delete it. You’re probably best renaming it in case you’ve got any other DRM licenses stored in that file.

It’s possible that one of the above solutions will work for you.


  • AngryatNetflix

    NONE of those work for me.

    • Hi AngryatNetflix,

      Damn – I had really hoped this post would help other people stuck with the same situation.

      I did have a weird glitch during the week where Netflix was stuck loading and wouldn’t go any further but I went back to it the next day and it worked fine.

      Do you have any other devices you can test it on? Another laptop? A tablet or smartphone? It would be interesting to know if it’s working for you on other devices.


  • Technoskeptic

    LoveFilm started displaying the ‘Sorry, but the requested title is unavailable’ message a few weeks ago. It took me a while to realise it wasn’t correct. Googling for an answer brought me here.
    ‘Searching for the ‘playready’ folder and deleting it (as Administrator), then running Firefox as Administrator worked for me.
    Thanks for your help

    • Brilliant, I’m delighted this helped you. The entire reason for writing this post was to help anyone else stuck with the same issues 🙂

  • Deleting the hds then running in admin mode in Chrome works for me. But then if I run not in admin mode it doesn’t work any more. I really don’t want to have to always run in admin mode just for netflix. And I don’t want it to always run in admin for other stuff because I have some programs that don’t work right if chrome is in admin mode.

    Any other fixes I could try that don’t include admin mode? If I delete the hds run in admin then not admin I get a internet connection error. Not the DRM one. Why can’t they use something other than silverlight? This is driving me insane.

    • Damn. That sounds quite frustrating all right. Have you tried it in another browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer, and again with the admin trick. I think all that was happening with that admin trick is it’s getting around some block which was preventing some information being written to that .hds file.

      Have you tested reinstalling Silverlight, possibly even rolling back to v3 or v4?

      These were all things I ran around in circles on and sometimes it worked but the run as admin was the first thing that just sorted it straight out.

      • Tried it all and it didn’t work. But some how when I messed with some UAC settings in regedit (which I already had set that way but re did it to try again) and everything seemed to start working the way I like it. Odd. Don’t know why. What ever, I’ll take it haha.

        W8 admin rights just don’t seem to run as smoothly as on W7.

        • The baffling oddities of Silverlight! Glad to hear you got it working eventually.

          This sort of situation should not arise but given that it’s a proprietary Microsoft technology which is no longer being developed it’s no wonder that it’s not being fixed.

          Given that it’s a dead technology now I sincerely hope that Netflix et al will drop it and use something else.

  • grumpydad

    Renaming mspr.hds worked for me (windows 8) where nothing else had.

    • Cool, that’s good to hear. Strangely I’ve heard that fix work for lots of people but it wasn’t working for me – only the run as admin thing did it for me.

    • 808y

      That worked for me too!

  • Yiyi

    Ive been having the title unavailable issue with Lovefilm for AGES, I tried your solution and it worked! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    • Brilliant! I’m very happy to hear it worked for you!

  • Jonas

    Had this problem for a couple of days now and it was starting to make me crazy. Nothing worked until I found this solution. Thanx alot Alex!!!!

    • Hey Jonas,

      Delighted to hear this helped. Hopefully they’ll all drop Silverlight in the near future and these sort of issues will be a thing of the past!

  • Dude

    I’ve been receiving a “error 6003” (for which I could find no description for at all) on amazon prime for the past 2 days. The open browser as admin fix fixed it! Thanks!

    • Brilliant – very glad to hear this was of use – exactly the reason I wrote it 🙂

  • Gaz

    This solution helped me with BT Sport problems today. Thanks

  • Bob

    Love film now works on chrome.thanks

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  • GodSponge

    I have been trying to fix this problem for some time now. Uninstalling and reinstalling Silverlight, deleting the mspr.hds, etc. None of those worked. Running as admin once fixed it perfectly. Been having issues with Amazon Instant also because of this.

    • Hey GodSponge

      Very happy this post is still providing solutions for people. Amazing that nearly 2 years on they’re still using Silverlight – considering Microsoft have stopped developing it you’d think Amazon and Netflix would have moved on to something else.

  • nickb

    Had this problem after cloning HDD to SSD, Microsoft standard help is uninstall and reinstall, no help. Finally found this article and tried renaming the mspr.hds . No idea what this is but it worked, thanks for putting these tips up.

    • Hey nickb,

      Delighted this is still proving useful! Another fantastic demonstration of DRM punishing the loyal paying customers…!

  • ffffx

    Wow ! Thanks ! It’s solved my problem a minute ago by reading this article!
    For me the problem was on french TV network… to follow football match ! “execute as an admin” helped me a lot 😀