Propaganda Engines

I subscribed to ages ago but have been slowly tiring of their insanely one-sided reporting.

It ultimately reminded me of users of another brand of product who refused point-blank to acknowledge basic design flaws.

So this morning I read this post about the new Nexus 4’s poor battery life.

In it the Nexus 4 comes dead last on battery life against a variety of phones, some of which are relatively old. In my mind that’s definitely an issue for:

  1. a flagship phone, and
  2. a phone with no removable battery.

Poor battery life would definitely influence my consideration of this model as a potential next phone – there is nothing worse than constantly having to locate power sockets! However, the article by AndroidSpin tries to gloss over this poor result.

I suppose the website is called AndroidSpin – which pretty much confirms from day one that it is a bald-faced propaganda website.

Anyway, I left a comment explaining that I have decided to unsubscribe from the RSS feed of their website and why – basically a condensed version of the above. My comment has since been deleted.

Perhaps if I hadn’t said that I was unsubscribing from their RSS feed it might not have been deleted, but I’ll never know.


  • steve

    not really relevent to your post… but you’re obviously more into phones than me. so i think i need a smartphone really. i need bigger / better screen for web and gps and stuff, but most importantly, i need rugged / durable. like proper rugged / durable… have you read up much on the fortisx / jcb ones? or is the galaxy xcover any use? any tips? and hi!

    • Hey dude,

      To be honest I haven’t read up on the rugged phone options at all.

      Personally I’d probably get a super sturdy case so I have the option to take the phone out when at home and browsing it on the couch or something.

      I’ve only heard of Otterbox in this regard:,default,pg.html

      Looks pretty solid.

      But I would guess that you’d rather just have something that’s solid all the time 🙂

      I’ll ping some folk on G+ for any advice opinions.


      • steve

        i can smash any small portable electronic device just by placing it in a pocket it seems. 🙂

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  • Warre

    Google openly support no SD card – and state FAT32 formatting and security as a concern. It surprised me that not a single engineer in Google has pointed out to their management that this is complete BS. But of course all the best engineers work in Google and every other company has substandard engineers who know nothing about solutions or security.

    The latest move to have ‘no removable battery’ is another concern. No doubt the G-Fans will blame LG….

    • I have a feeling that we can expect Nexus devices to consistently not have SD cards. The core reason must be a push to get people to use GDrive/Music/etc for all their storage needs. I am yet to notice it on the tablet, but I imagine on the phone I’d definitely feel the lack of storage space to be an issue. That said, I’ve got about 32GB on my SGS2 (16 int, 16 ext) and I really haven’t felt the need to expand that. Enough to have a decent music selection plus storage space for 2 years worth of photos and apps.

      No removable battery. Who’s to blame? Not really sure. It seems to be a sign of the times sadly with more and more phones coming with non-removable batteries.

      What irks me is that it was once a much trumpeted feature that Android phones allowed you to remove the battery whereas the iPhone was locked down.

    • Oh, one other thing to take into account – the new Nexus 4 is way cheaper than all the other ‘flagship’ phones – $299 for 8GB and $359 for 16GB.. For some reason my brain thought they had 16GB/32GB for the phone vs 8GB/16GB for the tablet.

      Still, $359 compared to $800+ for the S3 or an iPhone 5 – that’s a substantial price difference.

      What is going to be interesting to see though is whether this pricing is purely on the Google Play store – eg are they subsidising these handsets? I did see that the 16GB model is going to be $199 on a *two-year* contract in the US.. what the hell? Definitely I’d rather pay the extra $150 and get it off-contract!