Windows Reliability History – Exposing unreliablity

I was forced to implement a total reinstall of Windows 8 last week. Microsoft Update told me I had to restart, I restarted and no longer could I login. My only potential reasons were a graphics issue, a uxtheme.dll issue or something completely random. Great work Microsoft.

Anyway, I took a few days to completely reinstall and everything is working again.

Today I decided to check my ‘reliability history’ over the past week. It’s a thing of beauty.



  • Donncha

    I had no idea about that reliability thing. I had to look it up and apparently the version of Windows 7 I’m using is slightly different to the docs on the MS website but I found it eventually. Interesting stuff!

    • Cool – glad to have informed you of it. Yeah it’s pretty handy and gives you a useful overview of persistent issues.

      My desktop had a reasonably solid reliability graph if I remember rightly, but this laptop appears to be beset with multiple issues. I don’t think HP have really looked at Windows 8 drivers for it at all. QuickLaunch buttons driver is a mess and I haven’t even installed it this time around. No working card reader driver for Win8 so I have to use an external one.

      Combine that with the fact that the laptop overheats and shuts down when doing nothing in “Balanced” power mode I think I can safely say this is the last HP laptop I’ll be buying.

      Also they F’d me in the A because I unwittingly bought it from a “grey market” reseller and refused to honour the 3 year support warranty I’d purchased. Assholes.