Time to delete my Facebook account?

Deleting my Facebook account is something I’ve toyed with for a long time. I don’t really use Facebook personally at all, and I’ve finally set up an uber-private account, with no ‘friends’ and maximum privacy settings solely to allow me to do various work related things – such as Facebook apps for clients (perpetuating the Facebook cycle?).

What has triggered this? Well not specifically the video below, but it did remind me about that thought that’s lingered in the back of my head for some time.

Is Facebook any worse than the rest of them (Twitter, Google, Microsoft et al), probably not much worse in the grand scheme of things.

Slight pause

Hilariously I can’t actually proceed with Facebook deletion right now. Why? Well the best form of selling stuff here in Phnom Penh is a Facebook Group called “Buy and Sell Phnom Penh”, and given that we’ll have a chunk of stuff to sell next month, I’m going to hold on to that utilitarian functionality until then.

Soon thereafter though.. I promise!

Really it’s either that or it’s time to just give in and start using it – and somehow I don’t think that’s going to happen.


Perhaps it’s time to get involved with Diaspora?


  • Maybe it’s time to return to blogging and commenting this way. :-). Why do we need to provide content to one single source rather than dozens? If we start blogging again and commenting then we undercut facebook and other “social” sites.

    • I really do like having my own blog which tends to hold any longer form content. Usually if I find myself writing a post on a social network and spot that it’s going over a few paragraphs, that serves as an indicator to turn it into a blog post!

      That said I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t really had time to post here or on social networks!

      I was thinking of moving ‘status’ posts to my blog too, but haven’t built it in yet. The idea would be to write short-form posts here as well which would probably be formatted differently and then auto-post them to social networks. Not that Google+ allows that 🙁

      • Google Plus is a personal network for just that reason. No spammers and social media professionals can pollute the network with automatically generated content. You could use identica and other solutions. I saw that there are a few wordpress themes that allow “microblogging” as it used to be called.