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Be Careful $with Laravel

Following a little surprise on a Laravel project I was developing, I figured best to write a short post about it. Make sure to be very careful when you use the $with property in your models. Whilst this can be a helpful property – it allows the model to always eager load a relationship or […]

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All so you can poke someone

I recently read this entry regarding time, leap seconds and how it messes with technology on the Google Blog. It’s quite a technical post but I think you should read it all. It doesn’t really matter that it’s written by Google, it was just a handy example – it could easily be from anyone that […]

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Facepork Email Accounts?

Facebook just offered me an ’email’ account ([email protected]). Whilst I can’t see any clear way to actually access it in a useful POP/IMAP type fashion – not that I have any interest in such a thing – it still looks like an interesting development.

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