QotD: OS Preference

Windows, Mac, Linux – What’s your preference and why?
Submitted by ramblingsbymark.

I’m a windows user from day 1. I started out on windows just because of price and I didn’t really know anything else. Since then I’ve become quite proficient at building my own machines and wouldn’t dream of buying a pre-built unit. I like to know what I’m putting into it and why, rather than letting someone else do it.

I’ve always felt Apple products are somewhat form over function and have not been sold on the idea that the Mac OS is way more solid than Windows. I’ve used Macs in college for sound engineering and they crashed and crapped out as much as the Windows boxes.

Not that I’m a Microsoft lover or anything. I use almost entirely open source software and would love to move to Linux except for the lack of familiar music production software available. I use Reason and Cubase and they won’t be porting to Linux any time soon.

I have a feeling that virtualisation will be the way to go with these things, eventually maybe I will run Linux as my main system with VM-ware running a Windows installation for me to use my music software – however I can’t imagine that it would currently be as resource friendly as just running Windows.

Windows XP has worked fine for me and has definitely been the best of the Windows OS’s. A lot of people seem swayed by the look of OS X, but I find I can tweak the look of windows to my hearts content and have managed to get a very different looking desktop to the standard Windows shell. As you can see from my desktop screen shot.

The tools I have used to totally change the look of everything are:

UX Theme Patcher

To spruce things up then I have taken theme files and images from Deviant Art – a site I highly recommend for good desktop backgrounds and nice images.

Has anyone else tried any of these?