Watch out – even you could be guilty of spamming.

I recently joined a forum which is a sort of Aphex Twin appreciation message board. As with any other forum I am on I made sure to look for a "Signature" option to which I would attach my usual links to my website, blog and a couple of record labels I am involved in.

Upon looking for such a thing, I did not find it, which I thought was a little odd, but decided I should just put links at the bottom of my posts.

When I put up my second post I was accused of spamming the board as I had included a link to my own website. I was kind of surprised at this reaction but quickly apologised and stopped putting links to my own sites. I didn't think this would be considered spam – and consider myself anti-spam.

So, be careful out there.. a little bit of self-promotion it seems can be considered spam!

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