I'd like to share out my music!

So I figured I should put out there what I'm about.

I'm kind of used to being able to fill my sidebar up with link lists and so on, but Vox doesn't seem to have this capability.

I write music under the pseudonym "Ebauche", which is French for "A rough sketch". I quite liked the symbolism of this as it is quite descriptive of how I approach writing music.

Please have a look at my main website and feel free to download any or all of the music I have made available there 🙂

If you're looking for any music recommendations I also run a blog of my music thoughts and recommendations. These come from scouring the web for music, reviewing it and deciding whether it is something I think other people should hear. I try and lean towards music that is licensed under Creative Commons and therefore free to download!

You can follow my blog here:

Ebauche Music Recommendations

I would love to hear any feedback and whether or not people dig what I'm into!

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