Cross Posting

Not too sure what to do about this.. I run two blogs now.. which I really wouldn't have expected to be doing about 3 months ago, but I must say I'm quite enjoying it (though it can be hard work – especially in the case of my other blog).

What has just occurred to me is that inevitably I will be posting music thoughts up on my other blog pretty much every day. I just spent a little while writing up a review of a creative commons licensed album by an Italian duo called "Mickey Eats Plastic" and while there is no need to double post it, I do think I should probably put a little mention of it up here, just in case someone calls by here and doesn't know about my music recommendations..

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

Is it best just to put up a small link post, or just copy it across to here to save people having to wander around the place.. ?

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