Personalising your computer

I've recently installed a new desktop shell for Windows which has worked out really great – I'm well impressed by its funcionality straight out of the box, and it configures up really nicely as well.

It's called SharpE, and it's free and open source, and you can get it from

Here's a screen shot of how it's all looking (notice the somewhat dark mood) –

You can pretty much completely change the way Windows looks with a little bit of tweaking, and I love this style of shell – with all menus necessary being accessible from a quick right click on the desktop, along with as many hotkeys for your software, and even better, nice, solid workspaces, allowing me to have pretty much as many screens as I want. Workspaces are great, though not new. They are something that's been in Linux machines for a long long time, but it just wasn't deemed important/easy (?) enough for the average consumer.

Anyway, I should really be in bed. Meant to be working in about 5 hours – bad time to be rambling on.

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