CSS editors

Hi all,

I'm new to this group and thought I'd start off by asking what people use for their CSS editing?

When I started full time web design I decided that using style sheets and semantic code was definitely the way to go and I'm really happy that I went down that road.

Pretty much the first purchase we made as a company was licenses of Style Master, by west civ, with which I got a bundle of their CSS coursework. I think it was very much worthwhile and I haven't looked back. I think using CSS would have been a whole lot more confusing.

I originally started out on Dreamweaver, but was as soon as I started to get into hand coding instead of WYSIWYG, I was horrified by the code mess that dreamweaver outputted. All my HTML coding is now done in Notepad ++.

What does everyone here use for their HTML etc coding? I think there is definitely room for a better design editor.. one that takes the good parts of dreamweaver (like the way it tracks changes to files in the site), and combine it with solid a separate CSS control, good clean code editing and some php functionality!

I think I'm rambling.. hello everyone!

EDIT: Realised that I hadn't turned comments on. Woops.

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