Firefox bug in Vox

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. I haven't been very active the last while but somewhere between the 6th of February and yesterday something has gotten messed up in the Vox code that has made Vox unusable in Firefox (version

The compose window is now broken. When I go to compose I can type in a title but if I try to either tab or click into the main text window I cannot get into it. I cannot type anything. So for the time being I am using IE7 without error. I have noticed that I also cannot leave comments using Firefox.

Has anyone else noticed this? I have sent feedback to Vox pointing this out. I know they are busy working on the new Control Strip (which you can turn on in beta – more instructions here), so perhaps something has gone screwey in Firefox in the meantime.

If you've noticed this as well, let us know and more importantly let the Vox people know! I don't like being outside of Firefox too much!

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