QotD: The Best Blend

What's your favorite blend or brand of coffee or tea?

Well, for tea I guess it would have to be Lyon's tea.. which is an Irish brand. I don't think there is a better blend. I do like Twinings Earl Grey as well.. and on occassion I go for a fair trade Rooibosch (not sure if that is spelt right) which is a tea made from a South African "Red Bush". It's really nice and has the added bonus of being naturally decaffeinated.

Coffee? Well, up until a couple of weeks ago I would never ever drink coffee. Then I went to Venice, Italy, and thought I'd try it out as Italians have quite a coffee thing going. I have to say I liked it. I don't think I could possibly have a favourite type, but on my initial taste testing I am leaning toward making laté's over percolated coffee. I have bought some Lavazza coffee now that I'm home and will try it out tomorrow.

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