QotD: Musical Horoscope

What’s your musical horoscope?  (Put your player on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up.)
Inspired by Stephanie.

Well, this was always going to be extremely random. I queued up our entire music collection (myself and my house-mate have combined our collections) and it totals about 40,000 tracks and 213Gb of storage. I wasn’t sure what would come up, and unsurprisingly a number of songs I’ve never heard before appeared.

Anyway, enough waffling – here’s the first 10 tracks that came up (I’m still listening on shuffle and getting to hear more things I’ve never heard before).

  1. Paul Simon – Paul Simon – Paranoia Blues (Never heard this before)
  2. DJ Rupture – Special Gunpowder – Lonesome Side (feat Lily)
  3. Luke Vibert and BJ Cole – Don’t Panic – Baby Steps
  4. Little Green Techno Elves – We Are Not Your Friends – 240
  5. Jinx Lennon – Live at the Spirit Store – So Frightened
  6. Gladys Bently – Roots n Blues Vol 1 – Worried Blues
  7. LFO – Sheath – ‘Premacy
  8. Zebda – Essence Ordinaire – Le Petit Robert (Never heard this before)
  9. Skeeter – Skeeter Retrigger Droon – The Death Triangle – Rat Soup (Don’t think I’d heard this either)
  10. Al Green – Gets Next To You – I’ll be standing by

[Artist – Album – Track]

Not sure what that says about me.