Speed up your Vox browsing

If you are a keyboard short-cut aficionado like me, I have a tip for all you Firefox users out there.

I often find myself jumping between Vox pages (reader overview, recent-activity, compose, groups etc) like a jumping bean, and being that I love not moving my hands to the mouse the whole time I thought it would be easier to sort the common Vox pages into easy keyworded bookmarks.

Firefox Keywords

One of the often overlooked functions built into Firefox is the ability to add a keyword to a bookmark. This allows you to quickly navigate to sites that you frequently visit.

It's something that I use more and more for my common sites – and if you're a Firefox user, you should too!

How does it work?

If you edit the properties of a bookmark you'll see a keyword field. Type something short in here – v for vox maybe – and then click ok. Back in your browser, press Alt+D or Ctrl+L to jump to the address bar, now type "v" and hit return. Voila! You are brought straight to www.vox.com. Nice.

My Vox Keywords

I've taken a screen shot which you can see on the right, so you know what I'm talking about, and for your further convenience there's a list below.

I used these keywords as they seemed to make sense in my head, but obviously you can use any that make sense to you.

  • My Blog – http://yourblog.vox.com – Keyword: vb
  • Vox Compose – http://www.vox.com/compose/ – Keyword: vc
  • Vox Organise – http://www.vox.com/organize/ – Keyword: vo
  • Vox Home – www.vox.com – Keyword: vh
  • Vox Groups – http://www.vox.com/groups/ – Keyword: vg
  • Vox Explore – http://www.vox.com/explore/posts/ – Keyword: ve
  • Vox Watch – http://www.vox.com/reader/ – Keyword: vw
  • Vox Watch – Recent Activity – http://www.vox.com/reader/recent-activity/ – Keyword: vra

Double the convenience pleasure!

Just to help out a little more: there's a handy firefox extension that makes bookmark editing much quicker and easier.

Flat Bookmark Editing

This Firefox extension alters the way the bookmarks are displayed by adding the properties box to the bottom of the bookmark manager. This way as soon as you select a bookmark you can tab down to the properties box, make your changes, and then use the up and down arrows to switch to the next bookmark and make another change.

This makes for very quick assigning of keywords!

Hope this is helpful to people – and to those IE users out there: what are you doing?! Get Firefox!

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