Vox Hunt: Back To My Roots

Show us your oldest family photo.
Submitted by Alex Leonard.

Hey hey! I got a Vox Hunt question in there! Deadly.. now I have to follow it up I guess by digging out my oldest family photo 😉

I have a pretty good one, which made me think of this hunt, and I'll include the oldest immediate family photo that I have afterwards.

The first photo is an old photo taken of my great-grandfather's family. My grandfather is the young boy on the right hand side in a sailor suit. I'm not sure what date this was taken, but given that my dad was born in 1946, then it was probably pre-20's?

I've had a look around for photos of my immediate family, and unfortunately the only one's I have are digital, which means I've nothing properly old. If I get around to it I'll get some photos from my mum and scan them in. For the time being I'll just post up a family "portrait" from christmas 2002.

From bottom left, clockwise: Philip (older bro), Ros (sister-in-law), Sophia (mother), Mark (dad), Me, Andrew (younger bro).

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