New Bed

Well this weekend I decided to splash out and treat the hell out of myself.

I've just bought a brand new 5ft x 6ft king-size double-bed mattress! It's a back-supporter one as well. Extremely lush. As you can see it takes up most of my room – but sure what else is a bedroom for other than sleeping (and being extremely comfortable whilst doing so)!

In fact I think outside of computers and my car, it's probably the most expensive single item I've ever bought. So it's time to mind the pennies for the next while.

Still, it's definitely worth it. I don't know myself, and when Gaia is staying over we have a lot more room to sprawl than we did when I had an old 4×6 mattress on the ground.

I've also got the added plus of having picked up a futon base from a friend, so I'm using that as a base for this. I'm much higher off the ground than I'm used to, but it's nice. The cat seems to like it as well.

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