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Better Gmail options windows

I read Java Jane's post about using greasemonkey for Firefox to tidy up Gmail's interface and add some extra functionality, and only then did I realise that I've already been using most of the things she mentioned by installing the "Better Gmail" extension.

The Better Gmail extension has been created by the people over at Lifehacker and compiles all their favourite greasemonkey scripts into one Firefox extension. I have never used greasemonkey and any time I see a greasemonkey script I tend to think that I can't be bothered learning my way around it. There's probably not a lot to it, but I waste enough time as it is with my current lot of extensions that I don't need any more distractions.

So what does it do?

Well, it's all fairly simple really. Head over to Lifehacker and install the extension, restart firefox and check out the options screen for what you might like to turn on/off. I like the attachment icons and sidebar alterations (integrate Google Reader!). The super clean look is pretty good too.

How does it look?

See for yourself:

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