Election Day – Ireland

Well it's general election day in Ireland. I'll be heading off to cast my vote in a little while -  the first time outside of a Dublin constituency.

I have to admit that while I knew roughly who was who in my old constituency, I don't even know who the current representatives are here in Leitrim. Whoever they are I am fairly sure I'll be voting against them.

In fact, feeling a little embarrassed by my lack of knowledge there, I've just used the power of the internet to discover that:

  1. My constituency is actually called "Roscommon Leitrim South"
  2. The people I can choose to vote for number 2 x Fianna Fail, 2 x Fine Gael, 1 x Labour, 1 x Green, 1 x Sinn Fein, 2 x Independent
  3. There are 3 seats available
  4. Currently those seats are divided into 2 x Fianna Fail, 1 x Fine Gael

These discoveries amuse me somewhat. The main reason being that this is exactly what I had assumed would be the case. Despite Leitrim's attraction to the artistic type due to low cost of living etc, it's probably still a very Fianna Fail dominated region and there would be a lot of old ties in that direction.

If you're interested in finding out a little more about your constituency (and I mean a little, as there is a limited amount of info here), check out mycandidate.ie

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