Beekeeping causes me a headache

Well, it's a slightly misleading title, but I figured I've been working on this long enough to rant a little bit.

A good friend of mine, Jamie Hannigan, has directed a short film called "The Beekeeper" and he was good enough to ask me to work with him again as sound editor (and to use some of my music). I've worked with Jamie on a good few short films at this stage and this one was a little more on the ball regarding the original sound recordings.

I would say by the end of it it's pretty much the best sounding short I've completed, but not without a few misgivings and quite a bit of banging ones head off a nearby table. The main trouble has been making the ADR (additional dialogue recording) sound close to the original vocals in places where we've had to drop in ADR.

I'm still not happy with it, and whenever the ADR comes in it screams out at me plain as day! The strange thing is that the only negative feedback we've received regarding the sound mix has been that the vocal levels have been too low (probably a result of me not liking the obvious differences) and no one has mentioned the obvious disparity between the two vocal lines.

Anyway, this is kind of difficult to demonstrate until I get a working finished version of the film. I'm sending off the 4th master of the sound mix tonight, the cumulative effort of work spread out over two and half months. So fingers crossed it will get approved by the Film Board and we can get on with something else!

Below is a screen shot of about half of the tracks that exist in my overall mixing project in Cubase, just so you can get an idea of some of the work that goes into a short film (imagine working on a feature length project!!).

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