Tiny Update

I'm sitting in Brighton drinking tea and looking out at the fluffy white clouds and blue sky. I am feeling that coming down here after Glastonbury was definitely the best idea and am definitely much more relaxed and recovered than I would have been going straight home.

Glastonbury was brilliant. Bjork was amazing, Iggy Pop was a pure showman. The Rhythmites were great.

Best single gig though was a 5 piece folk/trad type band in a small tent in the healing fields that we stumbled across at 2am on the Sunday night. They're called the Mountain Firework Company and they absolutely rocked the joint – I probably danced harder and shouted more than I had at any other gig 😉

I'll get photos up when I get back to Leitrim, but for now it's back to enjoying the dry weather in Brighton.. a relief from the mud and rain I tell you.

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