Vista gets it wrong

On the advice of a few people I decided to check out the new Problem Reports and Solutions section of Vista's control panel.

I found one device issue which prompted me to install a Windows Update which wasn't provided by the inbuilt updater.

It also suggested that I upgrade my Nokia PC Suite, which I will happily do.

However, most amusingly it told me that one solution, to a problem it wasn't specifying, was to:

Upgrade to the latest retail version of Windows Vista

The problem was caused by Windows Vista, which is created by Microsoft Corporation. You are running a beta version of Windows Vista, which is no longer supported by Microsoft Corporation.

For more information on how to upgrade to the retail version of Windows Vista, go to the following website.

Microsoft Corporation

Interesting. Apparently my fully licensed, pre-install copy of Vista Business is a beta!

Well why didn't someone tell me I was running beta software… actually, I did get that feeling somewhere along the way.

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