Traffic Violation Escape

Just read this description on the CNN web site….. Let me off, it's ok, I knew I was doing wrong?!

I was pulled over in a residential L.A. neighborhood for an illegal left turn. The officer asked me if I knew what I'd done. I said yes, that I'd made an illegal left turn, knowing it was illegal and that I'd done the same thing the day before, but only realized I'd made an illegal turn as I did it.

The officer asked if I realized I was admitting to having done the illegal turn twice. I said yes. He said they weren't giving out warnings; they were ticketing people. I said I realized that and knew I deserved the ticket. He reiterated the point about not giving out warnings. I said I understood. He stared at me for a long time, and then told me no one ever tells them the truth. And because of that he was giving me a warning.

I then burst into tears, thanking him because I really, really couldn't afford a ticket (which I couldn't). I think he was, perhaps, on the verge of having me committed to the nearest mental hospital, but happily I just got to drive away.

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